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Dr. Michelle Taylor is a dentist that demonstrates courage, determination, and a deep commitment to caring for her patients. Michelle, along with her dentist husband, lead their practice and work hard to create a space that feels like home to their patients where they know they are in safe hands and can trust their care.

Being in business for 18+ years doesn’t come without challenges and Michelle has learned a lot throughout the years. After she and her husband graduated from University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1996, they set out to pursue their dream of building their own practice. Their business grew quickly and, over the years, they found themselves stuck in offering “drill and fill” care which no longer aligned with their values as a practice and as a team. Michelle yearned to focus more on the clinical side of dentistry and implement more oral systemic care into the practice. Time also revealed a disconnect within the team and it became clear that internal shifts were needed to create a team aligned with the mission and values of the practice.

Michelle was determined to transform her practice but knew she needed help to make these big changes. It was at this time, that she discovered NextLevel Practice and had the support and guidance to jump all in!

After working with NextLevel Practice for 1.5 years, Michelle’s practice now has systems in place that allow her and the team to be more empowered around all aspects of the business. Michelle has a clear understanding of what the practice needs to collect monthly for expenses and has created a monthly collections goal which they have accomplished 11 out of 12 months! The practice has almost doubled their collections (2018 was over $1.5M) and their employees feel more invested in the practice with newly established incentives. As dentists, Michelle and her husband are now able to focus more on the clinical side of the practice and trust that their empowered team can manage the rest. This has created space for them to shift from offering “drill and fill” care to providing Complete Health Dentistry™.

Michelle is a powerful example of what is possible when we move through the peaks and valleys of building a practice with determination, courage, commitment and the right support. She inspires other dentists to stay steadfast in the vision and values they have for their practice and to not settle for anything less. Thanks for reminding us all to dream big and work hard, Michelle!

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