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Profile: How Dr. Bachour Fulfilled The Practice Of Her Dreams

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When NextLevel Practice visited Dr. Maya Bachour at her bustling practice in Ashburn, VA, one could sense the positive energy emanating throughout the facility. In the midst of the activity stood Dr. Bachour, calmly conversing with her staff like a benevolent tactician. Her infectious smile communicates a feeling of security in just knowing that your care is in the right hands.  Yet her practice was not always so tranquil and secure. Only two years ago, the business was under siege. The 6-day work schedule was a drain both professionally and in her personal life. Her overworked staff, while highly competent, was feeling the strain. And, in spite of how hard everybody was working, they were unable to feel comfortable and confident in the practice. Dr. Maya knew she was at a crossroads and her practice needed a makeover.

Some soul-searching brought the Loma Linda University-trained specialist to the realization that the practice was not what she envisioned when she graduated from Dentistry College in California only a few years ago. Something went awry between her high expectations (she was chosen as one of America’s Top Dentists of 2009 by the Consumer Research Council of America) and the reality of her practice.

Yet nothing in her training prepared her for such a conundrum. She wondered if her practice was typical of others or was she overlooking something. In time, self-doubt began to set in. She wondered if she was the problem. Is her practice no different from the “average practice”? Should her dissatisfaction be accepted as normal? But she quickly rejected these premises. She eschewed the status quo. The passionate doctor wanted a practice that was “more than normal.” As dissatisfied as she was, it was not like her practice was failing. “I was growing ‘average’ when comparing my practice to others,” she explained, adding, “It’s not like I needed someone to rescue me. I had the office, I had the team, everything was going for me. But normal wasn’t enough.” Her practice was more to her than just a career or a way to generate money. It was her life’s passion, and she wasn’t ready to settle for the norm.

Research conducted by Explore Health Careers revealed that the average dentist spends 33 to 36 hours a week in his or her practice. By comparison, Dr. Bachour logged many more hours than the average. Plus, Dr. Bachour felt required to be available on Saturdays which took her away from precious time to spend with her 8-year-old daughter. She was determined to find a way to raise her practice beyond average and still be able to reclaim Saturdays for her personal life. She began using temp services to pick up the slack and was stymied by constantly having to train them on office procedures. Other issues such as a high rate of patient cancellations, slow-paying customers and poor staff morale added to the dilemma. People suggested she take business classes to hone her administrative skills. The Doctor rejected the suggestion. After all, she went to graduate school to be a dentist, not an accountant.

It’s around this time that Maya heard about consultants who specialized in fine-tuning dentists’ practices. Her search for help brought her to a book called Million Dollar Dentistry, a tool provided by a company called NextLevel Practice. (To receive a free Million Dollar Dentistry e-book, go to nextlevelpractice.com, contact us, and start earning more money, more freedom, and more time today.) NextLevel Practice is a consultancy with processes reinforced by its software that specializes in bringing new life to dental practices that share Bachour’s frustrations. In her meeting with Gary Kadi, the CEO, and Founder of the company that has been improving the lives and practices of dentists for two decades. Gary has served the dental community globally as an educator and advocate encompassing patients and practitioners as well as support staff, researchers, and representatives. An accomplished researcher, speaker, and author, his drive to improve the lives of dentists and the crucial services they provide sprung from an epiphany he experienced years ago in his career. He realized that there is more to establishing a successful practice than hanging up a shingle and opening an office.

His new insight gave birth to the Complete Health Practice Course, a three-day event devised to dramatically “change your practice and your life.” Gary Kadi explained that Dr. Bachour’s experiences are far from unusual in many practices. “Everyone desires to thrive and flourish in practice. Sometimes, difficult-to-pinpoint issues hold us back. Successful practices go through periods of being stalled, stagnating or stuck. The Complete Health Practice course transforms those who want a higher quality of life,” Kadi explained.

The groundbreaking program fits the needs of dentists like Maya’s like a surgical glove. It’s designed to “… guide successful practitioners with at least 1,000 patients, and at least one Hygienist toward the lasting change they want. This isn’t a program for providers who are in desperate need, this is a program to move from good to great,” the NextLevel website explains.

The NextLevel expert team of coaches aids dental practitioners in examining and modifying long-standing blind spots to uncover limiting beliefs, and identify systems that interfere with profitability, better patient outcomes, and the basic functioning of the practice.

Convinced that NextLevel was the answer to her dream, Dr. Bachour enthusiastically signed up for the program. She reports that the results in her practice have been nothing less than miraculous.  It delivered all the promises made and more. Needless to say, she did not have to concern herself with the company’s money-back guarantee. The Launch Program is trusted by more than 6,000 highly satisfied dental practices globally that are enjoying 5-star status to rave reviews.

When asked how the NextLevel program impacted Maya’s practice, she smiled broadly and responded “In one year, I doubled my revenue and was able to close my office to patients on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I hired more full-time staff, and they all actually look forward to coming to work every day.” She added, “Thanks, NextLevel, you changed my and my staff’s life!” NextLevel Practice allowed Maya to realize that the only issue holding her back was her fear of success and not doing what’s “normal.”

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