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Profile: The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center Of Central Ohio

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Dr. Barbara McClatchie is a Complete Health pioneer and dentist on a mission to enrich the quality of life for each and every one of her patients. Her practice, Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, is supported by a team of professionals that are specialized in general restorative dentistry that utilizes researched-based methods to ensure optimal oral, mouth and heart health.

Dr. Eric Goulder is a board-certified cardiologist who has been practicing cardiology for over thirty years. Throughout his career, Dr. Eric has practiced a “standard of care” approach to cardiology based on guidelines developed from medical research to obtain the best outcomes for large populations. While this approach is effective in its own right, over the years, Dr. Eric felt called to seek out a more preventative and holistic approach to his work where he can support each patient based on their particular situation, genetic makeup and whole-body health goals.

As Dr. Barbara deepened her work in complete health dentistry, she met Gary Kadi and continued to become more aware of the deep connection between oral health and heart disease and was eager to keep learning and implementing this model into her practice.

Simultaneously, she just happened to be married to cardiologist, Dr. Eric and dragged him to a Complete Health Practice conference where he discovered for himself the profound role that oral-systemic health plays in heart disease and prevention. He was blown away by the Complete Health Model and discovered the new approach to practicing medicine that he’d been searching for.

With both Dr. Barb and Dr. Eric now pioneering the Complete Health Model, it was a natural next step for them to expand their partnership and launch The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio. With Dr. Barb still maintaining her dental practice, they partnered together in medicine and dentistry to facilitate a powerful complete health model designed to better treat more patients.

With the help of NextLevel Practice, they began implementing crucial marketing and automation systems while practicing critical patient acceptance strategies. With these efforts, in addition to their deep commitment and innovation, The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio has gone on to become the most successful medical and dental practices in the country.

Outside of their busy and thriving three practices, Dr. Barb and Dr. Eric enjoy gardening, dancing, visiting amusement parks, watching fireworks and spending time with their family and two dogs.

Dr. Barb and Dr. Eric inspire us at NextLevel Practice. Their dedication to wholebody health has helped countless patients find healing. Their courage and innovation to think big and dream even bigger have inspired countless health care practitioners to adopt a new approach to practicing medicine. Their innovative hearts and minds have made an enormous impact on so many including us at NextLevel. We can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves!

Visit nextlevel.tpdmag.com or call 888-557-6756 and and find out more on how NextLevel Practice can help you. It might be the turning point for you and your practice!

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