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NextLevel Practice and Gary Kadi

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Gary Kadi is founder of NextLevel Practice Group, Inc., a consulting, coaching and training company that measurably enhances the quality of life for doctors, patients and team members. Gary is the best at implementing sustainable systems and results.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Woody Oakes was one of the first readers of Gary’s book, Million Dollar Dentistry and it was a game changer. He codified the Complete Health Dentistry® Management system, a coachable business model designed to achieve the goals of the private practitioner, whether they are a solo practice, husband and wife team or multiple location practice.

He believes dentists have not been set up to win and achieve balance in business and life. Gary and his team built success by aligning the team around a common purpose. The barriers to success become smaller when your purpose is bigger.

Sustainable Results. Guaranteed.

One of Gary’s clients, Dr. Matthew McRae of Athens, Georgia was frustrated with the lack of team training and the feeling that he was carrying the weight of the practice. He had a general feeling of being overworked. Now, a whole new world of possibility has opened up. Instead of working 5 days, he’s working four (soon to be three), and bringing on another associate.

Instead of being problem-focused, NextLevel’s clients and their teams are focused on their patient’s whole-body health.

Dental Practices Made Perfect

Gary was invited to speak at our Destin Seminar. What impressed me most was his authentic way of being. He openly shared about how he overcame alcoholism; his son’s autism and his fear-based micromanaging. He is now over a decade sober; his son is on the honor role in a mainstream school. He has served over 5,000 dental teams in Canada, 44 states in the US, the Bahamas, Dubai and New Zealand. If you want to see his face light up, ask him about his wife Judith, his son Rome, or ask him to tell you one of the many client success stories he has been a part of.

Gary and his team declare their purpose as, “We are in the business of improving lives.” Anyone who understands how they work with their clients can see that they fulfill on that mission everyday.

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