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A Word From Woody & Steve

by partica

They say, “change is the only constant.” The entire dental industry continues to go through gutwrenching changes for suppliers, dentists, practice owners and even consultants. In this issue, the team from Total Patient Services shares how their role as consultants continues to evolve to meet those changes.

This issue also includes articles by the everdynamic Steven Anderson about the immeasurable value and results of coaches, and Gary Kadi about strategies for what he calls, “4th Quarter Dentists” to increase the value of their practice.

If you are a practice owner feeling the pressure of change, you will appreciate the all-star cast of contributors in this issue, including Laura Hatch, Dr. John Meis, Dr. Brady Frank, Bill Rossi, Wendy Briggs, and so many others. Come to think of it, maybe the only thing that has resisted change is our commitment to put together the most thoughtprovoking, proven ideas from dentistry’s most innovative authors. As always, we have handpicked every article and contributor in the hope you find the inspiration and resources to build the practice you deserve.

Another thing that has not changed is our intense desire to hear your feedback and suggestions… good or bad. Like any successful dental practice, it is the only way we get better!

Send us your suggestions for topics or ask us a question at info@theprofitabledentist.com

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