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Inside a Community of Dentists Elevating To Freedom

by partica

In June, I joined an exclusive group of dentists gathered in the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City for 3 days focused on alternative investing, wealth-building, and creating financial Freedom.

The event was hosted by TPD’s own, Dr. David Phelps and Freedom Founders – a community of dentists committed to creating financial Freedom through alternative investments (primarily capital assets such as real estate).

The theme of the Freedom Founders event was “Elevate” and elevate they did! The event kicked off with a day-long investment training at the summit of Snowbasin, 9,000 feet in altitude and only accessible by a stunning gondola ride.

The next two days took place in Salt Lake City, featuring experts such as Garrett Gunderson (CEO of Wealth Factory), Dave Van Horn (renowned real estate note expert) and other industry authorities.

Topics ranged from practice exit strategies and asset protection/estate planning to advanced real estate syndications. The attendees were primarily successful dentists looking for opportunities to create wealth and cash flow beyond their practice.

A highlight of the event was an emotional banquet celebrating the latest Freedom Founders member to achieve “Free For Life” – a status that requires successfully replacing active income (earned from their practice) with passive cash flow from investments. What an accomplishment!

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