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by TPD Editor

California is widely known for its beautiful weather and people. While attending a recent continuing education course, Action to Win, this August I was able to enjoy both the San Diego weather and a variety of American and international speakers. This is not your typical CE course. It is a fast paced cornucopia of topics ranging from business to clinical and included classes to encourage both monetary and personal growth.

Dr. Emily Letran, the creator of Action to Win, is a big personality in a small package. When I first met her she was wearing a red suit and commanded the stage like a stick of dynamite. You really underestimate her at first until she starts her life story. That’s when you get the BOOM! Her success story includes her history as a child Vietnamese refugee to dentist, owner of several practices, international speaker, author, high performance coach, business consultant and mother of three kids. She has created the Action to Winplatform to help other dentists achieve the same level of success she has achieved.

Dr. Letran’s goal is for dentists to maximize their personal and professional potentials. She leads exercises to help dentists achieve clarity of vision, increased influence, unique marketing strategies, and business systems designed for growth. Dr. Letran asks the tough questions to help dentists figure out what they can do differently to improve not only their practice, but their lives.

This two day event included dynamic speakers providing pearls of wisdom, stories of overcoming challenges and ideas for growth.

Overall responses to this event included: 

“Amazing Presentations” 

“High Performance 100%” 

“Great Topics. Phenomenal speakers.”

“Such a friendly and humble group of successful dentists” 

There was one suggestion to make the event better. It read: “Walking on Fire”

Not sure if my feet are ready for that one but I am certainly ready to attend the next Action to Win event in Houston on February 7-8, 2020. Mark your calendars.

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