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How To Decode The Secret Clues That Your Practice Is Trying To Kill You

by partica

Is your dental practice trying to kill you?

Mine nearly killed me. And the story of how I survived a brush with death could change your life … maybe even save it.

Like you, perhaps, I struggled in the early years of my practice. The long hours, the headaches, the missed meals at home. I bought every training available, I tried every consultant, but I still felt hopeless … trapped in my practice, struggling to pay the bills. Overhead ate up everything. My staff sabotaged me. My schedule fell apart on a daily basis.

I dreaded going into work. (Sound familiar?)

Then one morning, I woke up with chest pains. Me, a healthy 28-year old … and I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to my doctor, who sent me to another … and I ended up at the University of Iowa Hospital, talking to a transplant specialist. Talk about scary.

My diagnosis was cardiomyopathy, which eventually disappeared. But it was that day, as I pondered my mortality … and the future of my wife and children if I suddenly departed the scene, leaving them with nothing but a pile of bills, that I decided … ENOUGH! I got serious about building a practice that ran on systems and teams — not on my manual labor.

After 11 years of trial and error, I created what I call the “Double Your Production System.” It took me to over $225k/mo. in personal production … yet I always made it home for dinner. It let me quickly double and even triple production in any dental practice I walked into. And since 2005, I’ve advised more than 4,439 dentists and staff in 12 countries.

The Strange Secret To Growth

What if everything you’ve been told about growing your practice was wrong? For example, what if you don’t have a new patient problem? What if bringing in more new patients, like blasting water from a firehose into a leaky bucket, is causing your current practice to fail? That’s just one of dozens of unconventional success secrets you’ll discover in my new book:

“The Ultimate Guide To Doubling Or Tripling Dental Practice Production”

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, working harder and making less money — this book is for you.

In it, you’ll discover how I built a $6-Million practice in little Sioux City, Iowa … opened 12 more practices nearby … how I’ve grown over 150 practices across America … and actionable insights you can use right away. Here’s a small sample:

Why “bad news” about insurance coverage leads to 80-95% case acceptance (pages 24-25)

• The simple roadmap to $326,400 in new revenue, without advertising (page 126)

How to boost your production to $225,000 a month by doing new patient exams in just 8 minutes — without sacrificing care! (pages 50-62)

• The #1 secret to case acceptance is an “E———C——– Exam” (pages 55-60)

• How to double your production starting tomorrow (yes, tomorrow) pages 15-18

How to reclaim $102,952 in new revenue per hygienist by “framing” (see page 29)

• How to replace your salary with profits that multiply, while you do other things (pages 119-120)

How to create $440,000 a year in production. Hint: no more meetings!? (pages 87-88)

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