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A Word From Woody & Steve

by partica

As the new year gets under way, it’s a good opportunity to step back and evaluate the things that didn’t go the way we planned in our practice during the past year and make adjustments. We should also take the time to think about the things that went “right,” understand why, and do what we can to repeat those successes.

For The Profitable Dentist magazine, one of the things that went really right was improving the online platform for the magazine. We developed a space that gives readers an opportunity to read articles online or smartphone and share or comment. You can see for yourself at TPDMag. com. In addition, readers can search and view articles going back over a decade, with more to come.

Even more exciting, we are also in the process of doing the same thing with our audio and video courses. We are having hundreds of past CE courses digitized and are building a platform where they will be available anywhere with an Internet connection – any time of day or night, instantly. Along with classics, we are in the process of recording new, cutting-edge content from dentistry’s leading lecturers and coaches.

For thirty years, The Profitable Dentist magazine has delivered dentists and practice owners the most relevant and exciting ideas, techniques, and authors that we feel are shaping this industry. This issue is no exception!

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with your comments, suggestions and ideas. This magazine is yours, and we want it to be the absolute best it can be.

Woody & Steve

Send us your suggestions for topics or ask us a question at info@theprofitabledentist.com

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