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A Word From Steve & Woody

by partica

You’ve probably already noticed a few changes to the magazine. Over the past year, we’ve worked really hard to freshen up the look of The Profitable Dentist Magazine, while respecting the content, features and contributors that have made it the most trusted magazine among dental practice owners. With this issue, we’re proud and excited to finally show you some of those changes.

First, you’ll notice a new look and feel, compliments of David Bleemel of Fuse2Marketing. David has been instrumental in reorganizing our content to make it more readable and easier to navigate. This new look is also designed to make moving between this print version and our new online version smoother, bringing you a world of information never before available.

Articles on TPDMag.com are the same as those found here, only they include more information, images and video, and are linked to other articles and courses by the same contributor. By linking The Profitable Dentist Magazine and TPDMag.com, the content you want is now accessible wherever you are 24/7/365, with only an internet connection. Our goal is for you to find the depth of research and information you want, either in your mailbox with every issue or online wherever you are, whenever you want.

The one thing we will never change at The Profitable Dentist Magazine is our commitment to the spirit of the organization, dentists and practice owners sharing ideas and experiences, and helping each other. In fact, at TPDMag.com, we will soon be rolling out the ability for any reader to contribute their own articles and videos to share with the entire TPD community.

It’s an exciting time to be a dentist and practice owner and we want The Profitable Dentist Magazine and TPDMag.com to be the resources you turn to first for building your practice.

We hope you like the changes.

Steve & Woody

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