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We Salute Dr. Brad Hunt

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As a proud Naval dentist Dr. Brad Hunt has always been a man who is of service. Whether it came to preparing the men and women of the US Navy for their next mission or treating the lay patient or team member like family, Dr. Hunt has prioritized taking care of people first. Sandie Hunt is the generous and loving wife of Dr. Hunt who stood by her husband for most of his career.

Before coming to NextLevel Practice, Sandie ran the practice as the office manager and gave it everything she had. While Dr. Hunt always had a knack for numbers and the practice stats, Sandie ensured everything ran as smooth as possible. Like most businesses, there were bumps along the way that resembled not having the right team members onboard, lack of systems, and no exit strategy for Sandie. Many husband and wife teams in the dental practice make it work and can be a great pair. And yet the question posed for most is “Can I trust anyone else to do the manager’s job as well?” Heck, some doctors have the fear from experience or rumors of the manager who has embezzled. Nonetheless, Sandie, nearing her fourth quarter in dentistry too, needed guidance in how she could replace herself.

Within a few short months, Dr. Hunt’s wife Sandie was out of the practice and a team member from within was able to step up successfully! This provided great joy to Dr. Hunt to know that he was taking care of his wife, while taking care of his team and patients too. Dr. Hunt dug in to learn the parts of the business that he was unaware of until that point with the support of his NextLevel coach. Dr. Hunt grew in business, leadership and advanced patient education knowledge that all allowed for his practice to grow year over year with his 3rd year with NextLevel being the best.

Entering his fourth year with NextLevel, the sights are now on bringing in the right associate or partner that will take over the practice in just a few years. Like most dentists, Dr. Hunt loves the clinical side of dentistry and he’d like to stay in the practice a few days to keep his mind and hands busy during his earlier days of retirement. Having spent the last year updating the office and building out a new operatory, the practice has continued to wow its patients and wait patiently for the right doctor to join. NextLevel has prepared Dr. Hunt for this very moment. With the support of his NextLevel Coach, Dr. Hunt initiated systems, put the right people in place and became aware of the business aspects of his practice. Over time he successfully guide his team to where they are today.

Dr. Hunt spends his time leading CE courses in order to provide the best comprehensive and oral systemic care to the San Diego community. Dr. Hunt is a leader in providing great service and care to those around him, which lends to his powerful and long-lasting legacy. He’s that dentist where the team says, “I want to retire with you!” And so this team will very much be part of choosing the right successor to take over this growing practice. And for this, Dr. Brad Hunt is one of NextLevel Practice’s Fourth Quarter Champions!

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