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TheProfitableDentist.com Launches New Platform

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Dentistry is changing so rapidly that we’ve decided to start a new chapter at The Profitable Dentist and Excellence In Dentistry. About three years ago, we began converting thousands of articles, videos, interviews, courses and everything else we’ve accumulated over three decades from print, DVDs, CDs, and paper to digital. So, instead of mailing, faxing, calling or coming to Destin to get CE or to simply learn a new procedure or idea, dentists in The Profitable Dentist community can quickly log on and get what they want at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, on a computer, iPad or phone.

This new platform will be rolled out through the end of the year, and be broken into multiple smaller communities.


TPDMag.com is where you can find thousands of articles from The Profitable Dentist Magazine. Beginning in 2020, TPDMag.com will move to a monthly calendar, with a specific calendar of hot topics each month for your learning pleasure.

The printed quarterly issue of The Profitable Dentist Magazine will continue to show up in your mailbox, but we feel this is a great way to make so much more content available in a convenient and timely manner.

Even more exciting, in the spirit of Woody’s original concept of the magazine, will be the ability to add community contributed content, ideas and reviews to share with your peers! This means that any reader with Community Contributor status can write, upload and share articles at any time in their profile. We have always believed the best ideas come from our readers, and now we can give you a convenient way to share those with your colleagues.


TPDLearn.com is where you’ll go to find thousands of courses, presentations and interviews we’ve accumulated over the past 30 years, all available anywhere, 24/7/365, on the device of your choice. Just imagine learning from Dr. Gordon Christensen on your lunch break, taking a Dr. Karl Koerner course on your deck over the weekend, or seeing Dr. Howard Farran with hair! Not to mention, thousands of hours of new and cutting edge courses that bring the expertise of the best in our industry straight to you and your team!

TPD Community members will be able to brush up on skills, take a deep dive into new ones, or hear what other practice owners are doing to grow their practice.

Are you a community member? Guess what? Community members will also have the opportunity to contribute their own videos of courses, procedures, or just techniques they want to share with other practice owners.

Our goal is to build the world’s most comprehensive, relevant and valuable resource for practice owners.


TPDReviews.com is where you’ll find reviews of books, events, courses, and anything else relevant to dental practice owners. Just as Woody did in the early days, we will do the work for you by sending Key Opinion Leaders, along with real dentists and practice owners from our Advisory Board to review any resource that helps practice owners grow and thrive.

The only difference will be that, instead of just reading our opinion, community members will be able to submit items for review, and, in turn, leave their own comments and reviews. The goal is to create a vibrant, collaborative space where the community can discuss the books, events, courses, podcasts, and any other resource that’s helped them in their practice.


TPDEvents.com is where you’ll find news and information about Live, LiveStreamed and On-Demand events in the dental world. Whether they are live CE courses, big national events, annual industry meetings, or local study clubs, Community Members and CE providers will have the opportunity to upload details, share to the community and on social media, even sell tickets. Our goal is to provide a platform for any practice owner or organization willing to share what they’ve learned with other practice owners wanting to learn in an interactive environment.


TPDLife.com is all about what dentists and practice owners do when they’re NOT running their practice. In the magazine, you’ll find stories in the “Outside the Op” column. Online, Community Members can publish all the articles, videos, and interviews they want about their interests and hobbies.

Dentistry is hard. So, whether you collect vintage Porsches, started a winery or spend your weekends in a rock band, we wanted to give the TPD Community a place to share, comment and see that others do away from their practice that’s fun and interesting. Providing the balance that’s so important for a successful, profitable, enjoyable career in dentistry.

This journey into building an interactive, on-line community started over 30 years ago when Woody began sharing ideas and experiences with the dental world through a little newsletter he printed in the basement, and will expand even further in this new, more enhanced platform.

When the platform is live, you can go to each of these areas directly, or find the hub that includes pathways to each at TheProfitableDentist.com.

Watch our Facebook page for updates on the new platform. We’re excited about bringing you the most in-depth coverage and content possible to make you a more profitable dentist.

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