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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth…

You Can Become a Dental Expert Witness

by Brad Boeke

How YOU Can Become a Dental Expert Witness

After 30+ years, I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge about our legal system, our risks as practitioners, and above all, how to make being a Dentist and Expert Witness a lucrative side gig.  I’ve also realized there are no education or training resources available to teach dentists the craft.  A Dental Expert’s ability to  to explain to a judge or jury the intricacies of a case is often the difference between Guilty or Not Guilty. 

Bottom line – being an expert witness isn’t for every dentist, but it can be an amazing opportunity for those that are interested in both the legal aspect and the passive income that can be earned.  For me, it’s been an amazing opportunity and one I think should be shared professionally, especially as our culture is rapidly evolving  and the chances of being sued are becoming more prevalent with time.       

As there isn’t any real “training” on how to get started, Dr. Krueger and I collaborated to develop Dental Expert Witness Training – a 2-day workshop for dentists who want to learn more about what it is, how it works, and what’s in it for them!  This workshop is beneficial for dentists who want to learn more about the legal process and hear from dentists who work with legal cases.  It also provides hands-on experience for training dentists to become an expert witness.   

Here’s an overview:

Phase 1 of the workshop is lecture/didactic format, with attendees given challenging records to evaluate from previous trials. 

Phase 2 of the workshop focuses on utilizing a mock witness stand with Dr. Krueger reviewing testimony from the cases. 

Finally, as a class, we review what worked and what didn’t work in the defense. 

For the wrap-up, we’ve built-in time for a real Texas BBQ on my ranch…where you’ll enjoy great food and time to network and build relationships with other dentists.

Want to learn more about the Dental Expert Witness Workshop? 

Check out the website NOW:  dentalexpertwitnesstraining.com 

Brad Boeke

Brad Boeke

A Graduate of the University of Iowa, 1982. Over the last 40 years Dr. Boeke has been very successful in creating a practice full of raving-fan relationships, but his greatest achievement has been convincing patients that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be boring or scary. The fact that our patients believe that dentistry is part of health care – not just mouth care – is a source of great personal pride.

Brad has been a Dental Expert Witness for 30+ years, effectively defending Doctors and Patients alike.

After a small break in lecturing, he's excited to return to the circuit to speak on what it is to be a Dental Expert Witness.

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