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The Truth About The Sleep Apnea Wild Goose Chase

by Avi Weisfogel

I wanted to believe it was true. I wanted to believe it ever since I treated my very first sleep apnea patient just two days after I opened my practice. It was the easiest work I’d ever done. At 1,000% profit, it was the most profitable work I’d ever done. And when the patient came back into the office to give me a hug and proclaim I had completely changed her life, it easily qualified as the most rewarding work as well.

Unfortunately, that’s where the euphoria ended. Because it was six months until I saw my second sleep patient. And it was a full eight months after that I got to treat my third. Not only was I not succeeding, I wasn’t doing much of anything.

When I went to my first sleep apnea course, I learned some amazing things about the science of sleep and what people were dealing with on a daily basis. With moderate sleep apnea, your body is doing the equivalent of running up a hill all night long. You’re supposed to be resting, but you wake up exhausted. And that’s the least of the serious, even deadly, results of allowing sleep apnea to go untreated.

At my first sleep course, it all made sense. There’s a huge patient need, there’s a shortage of providers, there’s plenty of financial upside to this work. All of the boxes were ticked that would identify sleep apnea as an ideal opportunity for the enterprising dentist.

As I quickly discovered, the reality of “making it” the way you’re taught at sleep courses just doesn’t match up to the dream it’s made out to be.

The Sleep Industry Is Rigged For Dentists To Fail

Dentists are up against some enormous obstacles that keep virtually everyone from success in dental sleep medicine. The sleep doctors are on top of the pyramid controlling everything. Under that sits the multiBILLION dollar CPAP industry.

Most of the sleep courses suggest that you’re going to get referrals from sleep doctors. In the interest of saving you from an enormous amount of frustration, I’ll be blunt: getting patients from a sleep doctor the way the courses teach is not going to happen. You’re basically asking them to send you their easiest cases. These are sleep doctors who need patients of their own. This is no different than you agreeing to send your single tooth crowns to the Prosthodontist, or your anterior root canals to the Endodontist or your cleanings to the Periodontist.

No dentist would do this. And no sleep doctor is going to do anything that crazy either.

You won’t get very far in the business if you can’t get patients. And the methods you are taught at your average sleep course for getting the patients do not work at all.

That’s why thousands of dentists every year are led on what I call the “Sleep Apnea Wild Goose Chase.”

They’re being taught by people who know the science of sleep but have little to no track record of success in the business of sleep.

The Only Way to Succeed in Dental Sleep Medicine

The only way to succeed in dental sleep medicine is to figure out how to generate your own patients.

With control over the flow of patients, you actually can direct your future success. You will no longer be a pawn forced to eat the crumbs that drop from the table of the sleep doctors. Nor will you have to waste your time wining and dining people who have zero interest in helping you succeed.

Instead, you will have your finger on the button to allow you to generate patients on demand. That is not something you’re going to learn in the typical sleep course because the methods to do this aren’t known, used or mastered by any of those instructors.

With the ability to generate your own sleep patients, everything about dental sleep medicine changes. Instead of struggling to get four patients a month, you can realistically enjoy 20-50 patients per month. That is not a typo.

The solution to the “getting sleep patients problem” turns out to be rather counterintuitive. Instead of trying to get sleep doctors to send you patients, you will get sleep patients from doctors who are not currently screening their patients for sleep apnea at all.

In fact, you (your sleep company) will provide for the doctor a complete turnkey sleep program right inside their office. The program you install in their practice will screen, test and get their patients treated.

Your program will literally create patients for you to help out of nothing. No more will you depend on some gatekeeper to decide whether or not you succeed in this business.

At this point, you might have more questions about this approach than you have answers. That’s to be expected. Succeeding in dental sleep medicine requires you to think differently, to act differently, and to be willing to endure the turbulence that might be created given that your mind is trained to think like a dentist.

Does this work? Is it legal? Is it realistic? Can you do it? These are just a few of the many questions we receive about this model when we teach it as part of the Dental Sleep MBA™ Program. We’ve created a program that flips the entire dental sleep industry on its head and puts you in control of your future.

Depending on your experience in dental sleep medicine, hearing about the results our members achieve will most likely be very difficult for you to believe. To imagine building a seven-figure sleep practice in less than two years is well outside the realm of reality for most dentists. To imagine generating 50 sleep patients per month, consistently, reads like a fairytale.

But these are documented facts from the lives of our Dental Sleep MBA™ Members.

It’s time to end the Sleep Apnea Wild Goose Chase and start spreading the word that dentists can succeed in this business, and succeed well beyond what most think is possible.

To think that you could build a dental sleep medicine practice from scratch and, in three to five years, have a practice you could realistically sell (to ANY smart entrepreneur, not just a dentist) for $3 – $8 million is completely realistic using this model. That’s simply not possible in traditional dentistry. You can work 30 years in traditional dentistry, be “successful,” and not walk away with a fraction of that.

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