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Stories of Transformation: Inside the IAOS Community of Dentists

by Kaycee Jones

What is IAOS?

In the past year, we invited our dentists from the International Academy of Sleep (IAOS) consulting program to share their perspectives on what IAOS represents to them. The insights you’re about to read are a testament to the community we’ve cultivated, one that I am honored to be a part of. As the Director of Member Experience, I witness firsthand the transformative experiences our members share during our quarterly retreats and through the weekly updates I receive about the close connections and invaluable relationships forged within our network.  So, what DOES IAOS mean to our community members?  Hear what they have to say… 

Dr. Julie Vilardo | Cincinnati, OH






When prompted with the question, “What is IAOS?” my initial thought was “family.” However, upon deeper contemplation, I recognized that IAOS embodies more than just familial bonds. To articulate my experience, I’ve used the acronym FAMILY to depict the essence of IAOS:

  • Freedom: IAOS provides the essential education to achieve freedom, whether it’s diversifying income streams beyond traditional dentistry or embracing complete liberation from its daily demands. The academy equips you with the necessary tools for emancipation.

  • Accountability: Through its exceptional coaching program, IAOS ensures you remain accountable as you navigate the learning curve and embark on your entrepreneurial ventures. Though the journey may present challenges, IAOS stands by to offer encouragement, accountability, and motivation.

  • Mentorship: IAOS fosters a nurturing environment for mentorship, allowing you to connect with individuals at various stages of their journey. This exchange of ideas and successes enriches your experience and guides you through new techniques.

  • Improving: Led by Avi and the innovative team, IAOS continually seeks ways to refine its business model for members, striving to enhance patient care processes and revolutionize the field of sleep medicine.

  • Leaders: IAOS is home to leaders within the organization, the profession, and the community, all committed to improving the lives of the millions affected by sleep apnea.

  • Yes: IAOS is an organization that embodies positivity, always striving to provide affirmative support to its members in their business endeavors, patient outcome improvements, and the rigorous work ethic required for success. 

Dr. Kelly Standish Mayo | Orange Park, Florida






IAOS IS… The change I needed. 

In my journey as a dental professional, I always took pride in the ability of our practice to improve lives, not just our patients’ oral health. However, I was always looking for ways to expand our scope and increase the impact we could have. 

During my first 10 years in practice, I had made a few snore appliances and had seen the effect it had on those patients, so when I first learned of IAOS, I felt an immediate connection to its mission. When I decided to commit to the IAOS process, it provided me with a huge shift of focus. No longer was I solely concentrated on traditional dentistry, but rather, I was attempting to tackle an underlying health issue that millions grapple with, often unaware. 

IAOS is dedicated to educating its members on the ever-changing medical and insurance requirements, which prove too daunting for many dentists who may attempt to navigate them on their own. Having access to this knowledge is critical to effectively treating sleep apnea and leads to better outcomes and coverage for my patients. 

Through the IAOS coaching, retreats, and collaboration with my fellow members (friends!), I am constantly learning the latest innovations and proven business models that have allowed me to succeed in the unnecessarily complicated world of sleep and insurance. 

One day, I hope that these coding processes will be more patient- and provider-friendly. Until that time, I am extremely grateful I have the team at IAOS on my side as I look to improve the overall health, longevity, and quality of life of my patients. 

Through their support, IAOS has provided me with a sense of professional and personal empowerment: to grow my expertise and speak with confidence to physicians as well as to start my own businesses and venture onto new paths. In essence, IAOS has redefined the boundaries of dentistry for me, by lowering the barriers to treating sleep.

Their guidance has allowed me to provide exceptional treatment to my patients, and their processes have enabled me to create a vehicle through which I can improve more lives. 

Finally, IAOS is part of a bigger shift in the practice of medicine, where dentists can have a more profound impact on the quality of their patients’ healthcare experience.

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