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Selecting the Perfect Dental Software for Your Sleep Dentistry Practice: A Comprehensive Guide

by Matt Stigall

6 critical features to look for when choosing the ideal software for your sleep practice

You’ve made the pivotal decision to expand your sleep practice and are eager to start taking the next steps. Or maybe you’ve previously attempted to integrate sleep, found excitement in the cases you handled, but faced challenges in case management and getting paid efficiently. Like many others, the clinical treatment of sleep apnea offers immense satisfaction and rewards, until the complexities of case management, insurance filings, and reimbursements crush your enthusiasm.

The key to maintaining your excitement and momentum lies in selecting and implementing the right software platform. This one decision can make all the difference between capitalizing on your education and training or struggling to find success and expanding your practice. In this article, we present a guide detailing the 6 critical features to look for when choosing the ideal software for your sleep practice.

1) Select a software that enables you to manage all tasks seamlessly in one platform – from initiating sleep tests to monitoring referrals and facilitating billing processes. 

Surveys indicate that over 80% of dentists treating sleep are using 3 or more different software tools to treat and bill their patients. Using multiple software platforms creates painful headaches and leads to documentation errors, resulting in wasted time and lost insurance reimbursement.

Restfull was created and tested by actual dentists with the intention of pulling together all the functions necessary to successfully integrate sleep treatment into their practice. a software that allows you to do everything you need in one place, from ordering sleep tests to referral tracking to billing to reimbursement.

2) Opt for software that guides you to perform the correct actions at the right moments (and records them), ensuring you receive full and timely payments.

Dentists often aren’t experts in medical billing, with “documentation errors” and “lack of proper billing knowledge” being the top reasons for claim rejections. With Restfull’s Billing Intelligence add-on, claims are approved more frequently and swiftly. It simplifies eligibility verifications, pre-authorizations, and claim appeals. The greatest advantage? You manage your claims directly, eliminating the need to share a portion of your revenue with third-party billing services. 

3) Choose a software paired with a proven process that provides the structure, support and training your team needs to guarantee success.

Numerous solutions on the market suffer from inadequate training programs and unresponsive support, often leaving teams in a challenging position right when support is most crucial—after the purchase and during implementation. Recognizing this gap, Restfull was meticulously developed through rigorous real-world testing, ensuring its design and functionality are not only intuitive but also highly effective for dental sleep practices. With Restfull, you get seamless integration into your workflow, backed by a dedicated, specialized support team ready to assist at every step.

4) Insist on a software that includes a world-class patient portal with online forms, payments, and automated emails and text communications.

Streamlining access and patient involvement ensures a straightforward and uncomplicated patient experience. One of my favorite features of Restfull is the patient portal that simplifies and minimizes repetitive forms and clarifies each step of the patient journey. This removes stress and confusion, improves communication between the patient and clinic, and optimizes case acceptance and operations.

5) Choose a software that helps you track and grow your patient sourcing channels by leveraging referrals and patient sourcing.

A successful sleep dentist needs to go beyond internal referrals from your dental practice. Direct marketing leads or referrals from other doctors in the area will be critical to your success. Restfull has a lead tracking tool that allows your marketing team to capture, and nurture leads from a variety of sources, successfully tuning them into patients.

6) Choose a software that empowers your teams by allowing for role-based customization, task management, and features individual and team goal setting.  

From the front desk and marketing to the back room and sleep coordinators, every member on your team has different needs and wants in a software. Using multiple platforms is a recipe for confusion, inefficiency and lost opportunity. Restfull pulls together all of those critical functions into a single, coordinated platform that has every team member pulling in the same direction. 

World-Class Support & Development

Restfull is the first and only complete software solution in dental sleep built FOR sleep dentists BY sleep experts across clinical expertise, practical patient care, billing management, and business operations. 

The team at Restfull has success with sleep dentistry as its singular focus, and we’re actively building new features based on feedback from our Founders Club-a group of actively engaged successful sleep practitioners from across the country.  In addition to offering your team live customer support and training, Restfull is literally building a software that centers on making you, the dentist, successful in your sleep practice.

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