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How Much is Your Software Costing You?

by Leo Townsend

International Payment Solutions, LLC is a nationally recognized wholesale credit card processing company that has been recommended by The Profitable Dentist since 2001 with no complaints. In preparing comparison analysis for dentists, some of the biggest savings offered are to those dentists using dental practice management software. These savings represent thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars every year. The reason for these higher prices is that the credit card processing module is proprietary. This means that only one or two companies can handle the credit card processing, allowing them to charge whatever they want.

International Payment Solutions would like to offer you the option to take advantage of the savings by adding one simple step to your front office staff’s procedures. You can purchase a terminal or use a gateway and by having your staff swipe the card outside of your software you will see savings immediately! The only thing your staff will have to do is enter the payment in the software. This can be entered as a cash transaction and not affect your reporting or recordkeeping. We have found that this step will only add an extra 5-6 seconds to the check out procedure NOT the two minutes I’ve seen on their proposals яндекс

It’s just that simple!

Many dentists, and their staff, like having the convenience of being able to take payment in the treatment room as well as set up patients on recurring monthly billing. There are other options available to you. We recommend using a universal gateway, one that can be used by all credit card processing companies. This allows you to do everything your dental software does and a few things more. The only thing is your staff has to enter the payment in to your dental software, just as they are already doing with cash and checks. Remember, this step should only add an extra 5-6 seconds to the check out procedure NOT the two minutes I’ve seen on their proposals.

During most of the analysis performed by International Payment Solutions, we have found that most dental software isn’t prompting for full address verification – requiring you to enter the numeric portion of your patient’s address, zip code and an invoice number which can be the last four digits of the credit card. Because most of the processing companies that are allowed to integrate with the software use tiered or surcharge pricing, this can result in these transactions dropping to your non-qualified or highest rate. Your software may be intentionally set up to prompt for only two of the three necessary items, setting you up to pay higher rates. This leaves less money for you and gives more to the bank. This is why these companies are allowed to integrate with the dental software, they charge you more and the software company makes more.

Stop having your staff, and the companies pushing this software, tell you how convenient it is. This convenience comes at a high cost, a cost too high to pay for such a small benefit.

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