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What Video Marketing Can Do for Your Practice and How You Can Start Using It

by TPD Editor

Chances are, you watch at least one video online each day. Whether it’s on YouTube,scrolling through your Facebook feed or on news websites, watching videos is how many of us get our information. While video marketing is not new, it has become an important tool for dental practices. The real question is no longer “Should I use video?” but “How can I use video and what can it do for my practice?”

Let’s first touch on what videos can do to help with marketing your practice.


One of the most important things for your practice is to show up in search results near the top, and video can assist you in doing just that. In a recent study conducted by Comscore, it was determined that adding video to your website can increase your chances of appearing on the front page of search results by as much as 53 times!


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, just behind Google (and did you know that Google owns YouTube?). According to YouTube’s official blog, 1 BILLION hours of videos are being watched each day! A great place for your practice to be.


Social media is a simple formula: more engagement = more views and traffic. If you can drive “likes,” comments, shares, and embeds, you will start receiving more views and followers on your social channels. And, of course, this means you have more opportunity to sell and get in front of more people. In a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, it was found that video can drive engagement by 10 times as much as other types of content.

Now it’s time to figure out how you can use video to promote your practice. Determining what topics to discuss can be a challenge, but, the topic ideas below should give you a great place to start.


You probably have patients asking you the same, or at least similar, questions all the time. These kinds of questions are great topics for videos. Chances are, your patients aren’t the only ones asking these questions. Your video will give you the opportunity to show up in that search, boosting your visibility to a wider audience. All you or someone on your team needs to do is turn on your computer camera, or your phone’s camera, and answer the questions you get asked about the most. You don’t need professional equipment or a photo studio to do this. Really. Google and Facebook actually prefer a more “real life” video, and not a professionally staged and scripted one.


A great way to make your prospective patients feel more comfortable is for them to get to know you and your practice. Creating a video where you talk about yourself, introduce your staff and do a brief tour of the office can make a patient feel like they know you before even scheduling their first appointment.

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