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What do Chick-fil-A and a Happy Hygiene Team Have in Common?

5 Nuggets for an "It's My Pleasure" Hygiene Culture

by TPD Editor

Happiness is an Inside Job

A happy team is at the core of any great business.  Go into any Chick-fil-A and you’ll witness first-hand the culture behind success – both internally and customer-facing.   

Example in Action:

Confront a C-F-A team member or manager about any issue and wham-o, it’s resolved before you can eat a nugget…AND with a smile and polite “it’s my pleasure” on top.  Everyone walks away happy in that scenario, especially the customer. 

So, the next time you visit a C-F-A, pause for a moment to observe the culture behind a great product and customer service model…

  • they hire good people
  • they are intentionally overstaffed to meet your every need
  • they train their employees to smile and use polite phrases consistently
  • they offer service above and beyond a fast-food experience
  • I could go on and on…

And while this isn’t a shameless plug for C-F-A, as a dental entrepreneur myself, I can appreciate my experience because I feel like the employees appreciate me – because THEY feel appreciated for the work they do.  I noticed that several of the employees at my local C-F-A have been there for years and stuck around during and post- COVID, too.  In fact, the guy that delivered my recent curbside order shared that he was a former software engineer and now works at C-F-A as a “jobby” because it is a great place to be.

So, all that said, the take-away there is…doc – if your team feels appreciated and loved for the work they do, they’ll stick around, do a great job, and show up for you and your patients. 

Here’s a few nuggets (get it – nuggets?) on how to foster a C-F-A culture in your practice:  

  • A dentist-owner who respects and collaborates with hygienists reinforces great culture.

A positive and supportive work culture that values hygienists’ contributions, promotes teamwork, and fosters a sense of camaraderie drives job satisfaction 100%.

  • A dentist-owner who encourages professional growth contributes to employee engagement and motivation.

Providing avenues for continuous learning, skill development, and career advancement, such as workshops, seminars, and pathways for specialization, keeps hygienists engaged and motivated.

  • A dentist-owner who invests in modern equipment and technology demonstrates their dedication to excellence.

Access to cutting-edge dental equipment and technology not only makes the job more efficient but also showcases the practice’s commitment to quality care, sparking hygienists’ enthusiasm.

  • A dentist-owner who values and promotes patient-centered care fosters positive patient relationships.

Allowing the time to build strong rapport with patients and seeing the positive impact of their work on patients’ oral health creates a sense of fulfillment and purpose for hygienists.

  • A dentist-owner who acknowledges the hygienist’s contributions enhances their job satisfaction and overall happiness.

Recognizing hygienists’ hard work, both through monetary rewards and verbal appreciation, reinforces their dedication and shows that their efforts are valued within the practice.

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