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Transforming Dental Billing: How RESTFULL is Changing the Game

by Avi Weisfogel

In this groundbreaking discussion on the future of dental billing, Avi talks to Christie Fink about the creation of Restfull Billing Intelligence, a tool designed to simplify and enhance the billing process for dentist-owners.  

With years of experience and a strong friendship fueling their collaboration, they offer a unique perspective on the challenges of and new solutions for dental billing.

Avi: Christie – let’s dive right into Restfull!  What makes Restfull Billing Intelligence stand out in the dental industry?

Christie:  What sets Restfull Billing Intelligence apart is its foundation in real-world practice. For over 15 years, we’ve fine-tuned this approach across multiple practices, ensuring it mirrors the successful strategies we’ve implemented. This tool is about empowering offices with the knowledge and skills to navigate billing complexities confidently.

Avi:  That’s fascinating. Can you elaborate on the challenges dental offices face with billing and how Restfull addresses these?

Christie: Absolutely. The primary hurdle is understanding what insurance companies require for successful claim processing. Most denials stem from insufficient documentation or incorrect coding. Restfull Billing Intelligence is designed to educate practitioners on how to accurately prepare and submit claims, ensuring they’re compensated for their services efficiently.

Avi: It sounds like education and support are core components. How does Restfull ensure users can effectively implement these practices?

Christie: We’ve built a comprehensive support system that not only educates but also guides practices through the entire billing process. From understanding payer requirements to submitting claims and handling rejections, Restfull is there at every step, significantly reducing the learning curve and enhancing success rates.

Avi: And what about the impact of Restfull on practices?

Christie: The impact is substantial. Practices that adopt Restfull Billing Intelligence see a dramatic improvement in their billing efficiency and success rates. It’s not just about getting claims paid; it’s about transforming the billing process into a seamless, less stressful aspect of dental practice management.

Avi: Lastly, what message do you have for dental practices considering Restfull?

Christie:  Don’t let billing challenges hold your practice back. Restfull Billing Intelligence is more than a tool; it’s a pathway to billing success. By embracing this solution, you’re not only improving your billing processes but also positioning your practice for greater financial health and patient satisfaction.

Learn more about Restfull – watch the full interview with Christie and Avi here!

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