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TPD Spotlight: Dr. Bill Williams, Founder of the 5M Mastermind

by TPD Editor

Dr. Bill Williams is a practicing dentist with over forty years of clinical experience. At 48 years old, he found himself starting over. He sold his practice where he’d worked for the previous twenty years, completed his buyout year, and setup his brand-new startup practice just over 20 miles away.

His primary goal? To establish a niche practice offering high tech-soft touch. His team grew Suwanee Dental Care, located in the suburbs of northeast Georgia, half a million dollars a year each year for over a decade, to where they now consistently average six plus million dollars a year of production with more than two dozen team members. He sold the practice in 2012 and has stayed on as an associate.

Having lectured internationally throughout the 80s and 90s on TMJ, orthodontics, neuromuscular dentistry, practice management, and marketing dental practices, Dr. Williams felt the tug to return to teaching. He missed standing in front of the classroom seeing the light bulb go off for his students.

In 2009, Dr. Williams formed Solstice Dental Advisors, a dental consulting firm modeled after a training group that called themselves Solstice; a name chosen because they met on the Summer and Winter Solstice each year. Solstice Dental Advisors began with a vision to help dentists grow their practices through webinar-based coaching and an online driven curriculum.

Dr. Williams and his team at Solstice Dental Advisors knew on-line training and development was powerful and effective but never more so than face to face training. The 5M Mastermind was born with the first cohort hitting the ground running in January 2016.

What began as a mission to help dentists grow their practices, soon turned into a mission to help dentists finish well. He was looking too many dentists in the eye who were not prepared to finish their career well. They didn’t have enough money saved for retirement, they had little to no plan for debt reduction, and unproductive dental practices with little value to future buyers. There were doctors experiencing unexpected divorce, doctors living beyond their means, unexpected illness, putting kids through school, college, paying for weddings, poorly executed business ventures, and more.

What was the problem Dr. Williams foresaw? Too few dentists had a clear path to navigate the way out, fully prepared for the future. This is what drives him at this stage of his career: to show dentists a successful way out, gathering a group of men and women who have the desire to change the narrative of what’s possible.

Dr. Williams says, “I believe all dentists must finish well. I believe it is our duty to the profession to showcase what a gift it is to practice the craft of dentistry. To change lives by changing smiles, to change lives by providing jobs where team members thrive, not just survive, to change communities by caring for people. To give. To give more. And then keep on giving until your last day of service as a dentist. On that day – you leave on your terms, leaving the profession of dentistry feeling like you gave all you had to make the world a better place. And in return, you recognize dentistry gave you everything you needed to finish well.”

A principle belief of The 5M Mastermind team is you don’t have to have the answers to start but you must start. Dr. Williams bases his success and the success of others in the starting. He says it’s where the foundations of finishing well are laid. Foundations that have led to doctors in The 5M Mastermind experiencing six and seven figure growth. Foundations that design a path for doctors to grow from working as a solo practitioner to a multi-doctor facility. Foundations that lead to life change for doctors and their families.

The 5M Mastermind team believes the undeveloped potential in yourself and in your team is your greatest threat to not finishing well. They believe it is your responsibility to awaken the possibilities within you. And the way forward is to take action.

In doing so, you will find yourself on the road to finishing well.

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