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The Massive Untapped Profit from helping Patients

by Avi Weisfogel

Far too many dentists are needlessly struggling or settling for less than they deserve. The reason is simple: most dentists are essentially doing the same thing. Ask random dentists, “What makes you unique,” and they will all give you essentially the same answer, “We provide the best treatment,” or “We care more about our patients.” Unfortunately, neither of these are sustainable competitive advantages. Worse still, every dentist can make the same claims – even when they’re not true.

The only sustainable competitive advantage most dentists can hope to achieve is tapping into a unique niche. The biggest problem with almost every niche is size. Niches are often so small that they cannot profitably sustain a practice. That said, there is one niche where the opportunity is so massive, and competitors are scarce, that you cannot afford to ignore it any longer: treating sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea is the last real untapped niche in dentistry that still represents massive amounts of untapped potential. In fact, low estimates suggest there are over 32,000,000 patients who desperately need to be treated (some studies suggest it could be as much as 2-3 times that amount). The reason this niche still exists is that most dentists don’t have the right systems to harness it. They don’t know how to bridge the gap between medical and dental insurance, they don’t know how to get referrals from medical doctors, they don’t know how to work with sleep labs, and they don’t know how to maximize their reimbursements from insurance providers. In short, they are stuck on the wrong side of the equation.

International Academy of Sleep (IAOS) was founded to help dentists break through these barriers. IAOS has assembled the best and brightest minds in sleep dentistry, who are all working together for one purpose – to help dentists finally achieve the success and appreciation they truly deserve. By way of example, think back to the last time a patient hugged you after a root canal… odds are it has never happened. When you help your patients treat their sleep apnea, all of that changes. By treating sleep, you will help your patients reclaim their health, energy, and sleep. In short, you have the ability to restore life to your patients. If that’s not enough, you can also make a fortune helping these patients as well.

Most dentists are not treating sleep because they can’t see how to get past the barriers. They take a weekend course and try to treat the patients in their practice. The problem is, they never get more than a couple of patients per month, and the average reimbursement might be $1200 – if they’re lucky. So they either plod along or simply give up.

The IAOS faculty have developed proven systems to overcome every barrier out there, which is why dentists are calling the International Academy of Sleep “the most exciting and innovative development in the world of sleep since the invention of the oral appliance.” The IAOS program works because it is specifically designed to take a small group of qualified dentists and give them a no-holds-barred, behindthe-curtain view, so they can see for themselves how to get 20, 30, 50, even 100 new patients (or more) per month… each generating an AVERAGE of $3000 in PROFIT. That equates to $60,000 to $300,000 per month (that’s more than most dentists make all year).

As improbable, incredible, or unrealistic as it may sound, not only are numbers like these possible, but when you follow the IAOS model, you’ll see how these numbers are conservative (perhaps even pessimistic). The best part is, this level of success has been repeated in a number of practices across the country… in virtually every imaginable setting (big city, farm land, booming economy, and recession… it doesn’t matter).

The reason the IAOS has been able to achieve these phenomenal – even unparalleled – results is the faculty. The IAOS faculty members collectively have over 127 years’ experience in treating OSA, each bringing unique perspectives, training, and areas of expertise. The only people who are coming anywhere near these types of numbers outlined in this letter have been trained by the International Academy of Sleep team… and the only way they’re getting these results is by following the exact IAOS processes.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a team of experts is you get the benefit of their mistakes and their effort. You can either learn the easy way (following a predictable path) or the hard way (the school of hard knocks). You pay for your education one-way or the other. As you know, experience is a brutal teacher, because the lesson always comes after the test. The real beauty of working with the International Academy of Sleep is that you get the benefit of the combined experience and effort of the entire faculty.

• You don’t have to research the UCR for the individual players in the model…

• You won’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys to provide a legal opinion or proof of concept…

• You aren’t expected to determine the best techniques for treatment, strategies for growth, verbal skills for case acceptance…

• You get the benefit of having a proven path to follow…

• You don’t have to tiptoe through the minefield of inexperience… … because the International Academy of Sleep has already taken care of all of that for you.

Why you need to attend the International Academy of Sleep “Reveal:”

You’ll discover the proven blueprint, specifically designed to help you:

• Create a massive increase in the number of sleep patients you’re seeing (20, 50, even 100 patients new per month)

• Experience a giant leap in the average reimbursement rate (averaging $3000 in profit per appliance)

• Gain confidence with ongoing guidance and support from faculty members

• Get the most comprehensive, 360-degree training program available today

• Enjoy being part of a community of other smart, passionate dentists

• Provide cutting edge treatment options to your patients

• Eliminate all the guesswork, frustration, and trial-anderror with proven business systems

• Overcome the prevalence of physician bias

• Find more patients by evaluate a huge pool of potential patients

• Flip the tables on the “traditional” referral model using a bullet-proof step-by-step system which gets physicians to refer directly to you and has sleep labs begging to work with you

• Take control of the entire process with the International Academy of Sleep blueprint

• Become the go-to “expert” in your town who everyone looks to for sleep patients

There’s on more benefit that hasn’t even been touched on: Virtually every sleep patient who comes into your office will ALSO NEED DENTAL WORK. On top of that, while some may need a couple of fillings, many sleep patients also need multiple implants, cosmetic reconstruction, extensive crown and bridge work, etc. This puts you in the unique position to “double-dip” with your sleep patients, which makes the International Academy of Sleep’s blueprint even more profitable that you were already imagining.

To find out more about the International Academy of Sleep and the difference treating sleep can make for your practice, your family, and your quality of life, go to IAOSleep.org.

The owner of the New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an extensive background in sleep treatment and sleep disorders. In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a company that worked with physicians around the world and advised them on the establishment and management of sleep labs. In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel established a lecture series called “Unlimited Sleep Patients” and began lecturing dentists on how to increase and serve sleep patients. Based off this success he established Dental Sleep Masters to further help dentists break into the world of sleep through the usage of oral appliances to treat sleep disorders.

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