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The Foolproof Blue-Print for Success Today

by Steve Rasner

The climate for success in independent or small group practices has become rather stormy. Most seasoned practitioners struggle to regain prior levels of productivity. The reasons are clear: toxic influence of third party payments and the epidemic of corporate dentistry have made the thriving fee for service practice a distant memory to many. This article will provide an absolute solution.

The style of practice I will share has enabled me to practice 90% free from insurance in one of the more economically challenged areas of the United States. When I have asked the profession’s leading "insurance authorities" how to navigate the negative changes in the insurance industry, the answer was either produce more under the insurance guidelines or become really exceptional at something that will drive patients out of network to your office.

That something is the triad of Oral Sedation, Atraumatic Extractions and Surgical Implant dentistry. It is unequivocally the road to independence, and maybe even the peace of mind we all hold sacred.

To add sedation dentistry to your practice, there really is no skill set to master (other than being vigilant with proper patient selection). You do, however, have to acquire a permit from your state. I have used this protocol for 22 years and it is second to none. The sedation I use is Benadryl 50mg, Atarax 25mg and Triazolam.25mg. This is given 90 minutes prior to the patient’s visit. Benadryl has a sedative component and Atarax has a side effect of anti-anxiety. The full protocol can be obtained at the contact email at the end of this article. This protocol will review everything you need to provide safe and predictable sedation. The results are nothing short of remarkable. Ninety percent of these patients will present in a state that has them sleeping ten minutes after you employ nitrous. Literally snoring. It improves your office in a myriad of ways: Less traffic, appreciative patients, and clearly less stress for the doctor. Marketing this service is incredibly impactful. If you haven’t reached out to the phobic community, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. In a short time period, you will receive more referrals than from any other service you have ever provided. Why? Because fearful patients often have a long history of valiant but failed attempts to be treated. To be clear, the outcome of this particular drug combination is far more effective than just Valium, Triazolam or any other combination I have come across. Safe? In 22 years of daily use, I have never had one case that required a 911 call. That being said, you will treat patients that have avoided the dentist for 20 plus years. These patients will invariably require extractions.

Atraumatic extractions can be mastered in a very short time period. Lastly, once you become skillful with exodontia, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t train in surgical implant dentistry. This last skill will require a lifetime commitment to CE, but even a dentist with brief training in implant dentistry will be successful when they learn to leave a five wall socket from an extraction.

Imagine this: going to work on Monday with a schedule that has 4 or 5 primary patients. They have paid you in advance. There is no running from room to room. You are working with the lights out, chilling to good music in a relaxed atmosphere. Less stress for the team and more appreciative patients bring the office a new sense of calm. Oh, and cash flow is up significantly and you actually notice you’re smiling much more. That world is real, and it is waiting for you.

Dr. Steven L. Rasner earned his DMD at the University of Pennsylvania. He has trained with many renowned implant surgeons, and earned a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Rasner has taught for eighteen years in 40 American states and 5 countries, including his courses, Atraumatic Extractions for the GP and The Bulletproof Guide to Implant Success. He has authored 3 books and over 50 industry and journal publications. You can reach Dr. Rasner at 800-337-8435 or DrRasner@aol.com. RealizingTheDream.com.

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