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Dental Dinosaur or Dental Connoisseur?

by Gary Kadi

Is your practice hitting up against the glass ceiling? Are you and your team ready to leap into next level of growth but can’t seem to get there despite your best efforts?

Are you rounding the 4th quarter of your career and thinking about selling your practice?

Do you have miles to go before your practice is ready to sell?

Regardless of where your dental practice currently is, the path towards profitability and the practice of your dreams requires clear vision, consistent actions and empowered mindsets.

The below practices are those that we, at NextLevel, have curated and utilized with our clients to help take them to the top 1% of dentists.

Whether you want to sell your practice or take your team beyond the glass ceiling, these powerful practices can transform your practice and possibly even your life.

Practice #1: There Is No “I” In Team

The top 1% of dentists understand that there is no “I” in team and that they are only as strong as the members of their team. As owners of your dental practice, you know that your biggest expense is payroll. Smart business owners understand this and turn that liability into an asset by shifting away from a doctor/ owner “I vs team” mindset and adopting a “we” mindset. When you and your team have a clear vision for the practice, are in alignment with that shared vision and have equal stake in the game (like a clear bonus system) everyone starts playing the same game. This keeps everyone motivated and inspired to do make a big impact every day individually and as a team.

How are you leveraging your team? Is your team playing the same game? How can you get your team to win the game more powerfully?

Practice #2: Own Where You Are

Whatever phase your practice is in; whether it is beyond your wildest dreams or you still have miles to go before you hit your goals…own it.

As the leader of your practice, you lead from wherever you are in this moment, whatever phase your practice is in. Blaming other people and coming up with reasons and excuses why your practice hasn’t reached the success you desire only prevents you from taking the action needed to get you to where you want to be!

Instead, own where you are. Reflect on the decisions and mistakes that you’ve made along the way and the lessons and new skills those mistakes have taught you.

When we own where we are, and our mistakes, we can ask ourselves powerful questions.

What do I want for the practice and what actions can I take to get it there? What team culture do I want to create and in what ways are we currently missing the mark?

Practice #3: Adopt A Complete Health Practice And Healthy Mouth Baseline

Is your practice in alignment around what a healthy mouth looks like? Are team members educating your patients on the importance of oral health and the role it plays in their complete wellness at every visit?

When patients understand what oral health really means and the parameters of a healthy mouth they become more accepting of treatments because they understand the objective behind them. They have a stronger ‘why’ for saying yes. This not only allows you to help your patients in a more impactful way, but also increases profitability which helps your practice ultimately expand beyond the glass ceiling.

Does your practice have an established Healthy Mouth Baseline? How can you and your team better communicate oral health to your patients at every visit?

Practice #4: Know Your End Game And Envision It

Knowing where you want to take your practice and creating a clear plan that supports that vision helps keep you and your team focused, motivated and accountable. The more specific you make that vision, the more clear you become. The more clear you become, the more focused you become when making decisions, creating strategies and taking consistent empowered actions towards your vision.

When you don’t know where you are headed it’s easy to lose your sense of direction and get stuck in indecision and confusion.

What is the vision you have for your practice? What is the endgame that you dream of for your practice, your team and your patients? Is your team aligned with this vision?

Practice #5: Believe It And Measure It

Once you have a specific vision for your practice, you’ve got to believe in it 1000%. If you don’t believe in it then who else will?

All day long we think thoughts and tell ourselves stories about the events that occur throughout the day. The path of entrepreneurship is not a straight line but full of twists, turns, pivots and surprises. Having a positive mindset that believes in your vision, offers solutions vs excuses to challenges, takes responsibility and believes that you deserve the success you and your team are working towards is crucial to realizing your vision.

What beliefs and mindsets are currently holding you back from the practice of your dreams? What new empowered mindsets might you need to embody to take the actions necessary to make your dream a reality?

Once you have this vision, and the beliefs that support it, it’s time to examine the metrics you’re using that will measure your success. Metrics tells you how you’re are pacing towards your vision, what empowered actions you need to take to get there and illuminate where you need to adjust and pivot should you fall off track. Without the right metrics, you can spend years off course and running around in circles.

What metrics are you currently using in your practice? Are they serving your vision and keeping you and your team accountable?

These five practices are powerful and when implemented can help take you beyond the glass ceiling and into the top 1% of dentists.

The choice, as with anything, is yours!

So, after reading these practices, the last question we have for you is….

Are you ready to begin?

The practice of your dreams is waiting. To learn more about how you can make prevention more profitable in YOUR Practice download your FREE Lost Revenue Locator today!

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