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Breaking Down EBITDA – No MBA Required

by Steve Parker

Part 1: EBITDA Explained

EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. It’s a way to see how much money your dental practice is making from its main activities, like providing dental care, without getting tangled up with other factors like loans, taxes, or certain accounting adjustments. Here’s why EBITDA is useful for you as a dental practice owner:

  1. Seeing How Well You’re Doing: EBITDA shows the profit you’re making just from your dental services. It helps you understand if your practice is efficiently making money from the work you do daily.

  2. Checking Your Practice’s Health: This metric gives a clear view of how much cash your practice is generating, minus the complications of finance management or tax strategies. It’s like a health check for your business’s financials.

  3. Making Comparisons Easier: Whether you’re considering expanding, selling, or just want to see how you measure up against competitors, EBITDA levels the playing field. It removes the impact of how each practice handles finance and taxes, allowing for a direct comparison.

  4. Attracting Investments or Loans: A solid EBITDA can show that your practice is a good risk for lenders and attractive to investors, as it indicates you’re generating enough cash from your main activities to cover loans and invest back into the business.

  5. Finding Ways to Improve: Regularly monitoring your EBITDA can help you spot trends. This could guide decisions on pricing adjustments, cost reductions, or operational changes to increase profitability.

In simple terms, EBITDA helps you focus on the money your dental practice makes from providing care, stripping away distractions from financial and tax strategies. It’s a straightforward way to gauge the success of your practice and make informed decisions for its future.

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