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An Easy Surgical Bandage

by Craig Callen

I hate Perio Pack. In the old days, I used to do quite a bit of my own periodontal surgery for my patients. One of the things I hated the most about the surgery was placing the perio pack dressing to protect the site. There have been some improvements but most are still messy and hard to work with. Today I don’t do as much full blown periodontal surgery as crown lengthenings and implant surgery. Not too long ago I saw a technique on an implant/restorative Facebook group that I am on, that I thought was pretty cool. It is quick, easy and not messy. Right up my alley.

The technique involves taking a piece of rubber dam, cutting it to size for the surgical site, punching a hole in it to fit over adjoining tooth (teeth) and suturing to place. Sometimes I will remove the dam around the teeth after it is sutured to place. This procedure makes it really nice to hold any bone graft/ collagen material in place after placing an implant.

The bandage stays in place for one week until the soft tissue has begun to heal. Give this a try the next time you need a surgical dressing.

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