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Modernizing Your Website To Boost Patient Referrals  

by Bryan Laskin

Long gone are the days where dentists spend money to market using print ads or penny saver-style marketing. Dentistry has advanced significantly enough over the past two decades that you need a strong online presence not only to thrive, but to survive.

The modern-day dental practice invests in their practice website, not because patients are looking for your address or contact information, but because it is considered the first interaction you usually have with a patient – and the most successful form of marketing. 

If your website is outdated or not mobile friendly, consider a makeover to transform your practice and give it the look it deserves.

Here are the five key things to consider for your site:

  • Make it mobile-friendly: Over 77% of Americans use a smart phone – meaning you need a website that patients can easily access and navigate from their mobile device 
  • On-demand patient interaction: Many new websites have an easy message system or “live chat” where team members are available to answer any questions a patient may have. It shows you’re present at all times for your patients if there is a concern or emergency. 
  • Good design with easy navigation: You want a website that is bright and welcoming so that patients will want to keep searching your site for more information and of course, schedule an appointment 
  • Modernized features: Offer website features like virtual consultations or the ability to pay-online; make it interactive and convenient for your patients to interact online with you
  • Links to your social media: Have social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Google reviews easily available for patients so you can attain new followers and stay connected to your community. 

For any successful dental practice, you need a well-designed website that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. It is the number one backbone to your marketing campaign, because nearly all new patients will immediately go to your website prior to their first appointment, or even before the first phone call to your office.  

Patients want to look at your website and think to themselves, “This is the place I want my family to be cared for.” Just like families dedicate time to researching physicians, vacation destinations, and even restaurants, patients will search for you online and your website is the first step in introducing yourself. A good introduction with a modernized website will often be the tiebreaker between you and another local office.  

Create a website that is simple to navigate and user-friendly so patients of all ages can find information about you, your practice, your team members, and all the dental services you offer. Successful dental practices set themselves apart from the rest because they often make it convenient for patients to find and engage with their practice.

There are many customized features you can add to enhance your website and when you’re ready to update your site, finding the right partner to work with is key.  Consider ToothApps™!   

Ready for a website transformation?

ToothApps™ can help!  

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