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5 Things You Can Do So Your Employee Doesn’t Fire You

by Heidi Mount

When dentists are frustrated with the lack of results from our employees or with “staff turnover”, many of you ask yourself, “Is it just me?” The fact is …when you don’t hire the RIGHT FIT and have a good business foundation, you will have employee turnover. I want to help you prevent being fired as a boss, minimize the costly training invested in short term team members, and overall – help you hire better.

Hiring the RIGHT people who are on your bus, who can serve you and help your business grow is the key to a flourishing business. Let’s think about the businesses you like going in and spending your money. Well, I bet most of it was because of how they made you feel. I know this sounds a bit mushy however, it’s the simple truth. 

Take the time to read your mission statement or vision for your practice. I am not talking about the first one that everyone copied straight out of dental school. I am wanting you to read the one that took you hours and hours to think about and develop. Now, let’s ask yourself, “Is each team member making it happen?” If not, we need to evaluate your team and your hiring process. 

In my opinion, “staff turnover” is the biggest wasted expense in being an entrepreneur. Therefore, you should not hire any warm body to fill a seat in your practice. This person you choose needs to #Represent! Your applicant or employees must be passionate about your vision. In addition, they should have their own ideas on how to help grow your practice and help patients refer more of their friends and family. Furthermore, they need to be YOUR patient. This is a way to be able to describe your care to patients. They could say things like, “You will love it here and Dr. Smith is my dentist too!”

It’s important when you are seeking the perfect candidate for the position, that you create an attractable ad. This means, you would not just advertise the name of your office, work hours, position, duties and pay. Think about it, people that don’t have a permanent job, may not be the best fit for your practice. Now I’m not asking you to steal employees. I am simply saying this team member should be a win-win for all parties involved. Some people are frustrated with their boss, co-workers, commute and feel unfulfilled at work. Your ad needs the person desiring more to say, “I want that!” Make sure you add those adjectives when you are wanting to attract the right fit and your perfect candidate for the job. People want more than just a paycheck and our job is to provide an amazing culture to work in.

Employees have needs just as you do. They need recognition, freedom to exercise their strengths, bond with the team, and a positive place to work. How would you rate yourself as a boss? Let’s take the time to evaluate all areas of being a good boss. Dentists can be respected and hold their team accountable with a positive attitude. The missed opportunities are when we are not complimenting the good behavior in your employees as soon as we see it and addressing “issues” right as they happen.

 A perfect employee is one that inspires his/her boss as much as the boss inspires them.

Coach Heidi Mount

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