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3 Ways That WILL Grow A Practice…Why Hiring A Consultant Doesn’t Work

by Gary

Consultants get paid for the time they work and they will inevitably look for ways to fill that time. They have a play-not-to-lose mentality which helps them avoid making mistakes to not get fired, while the dental practice owner is always playing to win and has a higher risk threshold than any consultant which is why they own the business.

This dichotomy between consultant and practice owner is the source of why performance is low and an unwillingness to implement occurs.

What makes our work at NextLevel Practice unique and sustainable is that we create happy teams that consistently implement sustainable results.

We start with the end in mind and reverse engineer the experience, the time and money that the practice owner wants. We then tie each and every team member to a daily primary outcome and reward them daily to keep them accountable and motivated. This shifts their attention and intention while keeping them focused on outcomes versus activity. Consultants aren’t skilled in this area and thereby can’t take your team or your practice to the level of success you are aiming for.

At NextLevel Practice, we put a game board in and tell the pieces how to move. I like the analogy of a chess game and in our workshops, I ask the dentists ”If you could pick any piece of a chess game to beat me, what would it be?” They always reply back with the queen and I tell them that I want the game board because then I can tell ALL the pieces how to move and not just one. Gotcha beat! Now, you can begin to use that same strategy in your practice.

Once we have all the pieces moving in an aligned and intentional method, we can turn the transactional business model, the selling of dental procedures, into one that creates a meaningful, living, breathing, high purpose-driven entity that transforms the community it serves.

We shift the drill-fill and PPO mill into a place where patients go to look good, feel good and be healthier. We empower the team with a complete health model that inspires their work and creates value for the patients. The valuable final product in each and every patient’s life is enhanced.

Lastly, we install the CARE (Case Acceptance, Retention and Experience and acquisition of new patients) system that emphasizes the three fundamental and exponential ways to build a practice from the inside out.

The CARE (Case Acceptance, Retention and Experience and acquisition of new patients) System

There are three ways to grow a practice.

1. Case Acceptance: The average amount of dentistry a person invests in a practice (statistically speaking) equals the amount of a crown and build up. This is the annual value of a patient.

2. Retention: Hygiene/Wellness visits

You notice I did not ask about #3, New Patients. The LRL (Lost Revenue Locator), also called the Practice Capacity Worksheet, helps the practice owner to know what areas to look at WITHIN the practice to improve growth before chasing New Patients. The worksheet indicates whether the practice is working to its potential and identifies which one of those areas is the place to look at first. As leaders in Dental practice management, we have found that successful practices grow into their potential and we are the best in the world at finding those key areas.

Our CARE system also allows for seamless expansion because we put in powerful systems and create a team approach.

Almost always when practice owners bring on an associate, they expand and just get busier but not more profitable.

This is because they rely on the less confident and less trusted practitioner to build the practice rather than creating the system and team around the Doctor. The founding Doctor enables the missing systems because they care more and thereby the team is confident in their dentistry and when they recommend treatments, the patient has a higher level of clinical and moral trust for them.

The “associate cliff” is crested because the founding owner wants to focus on bigger and better cases and hand off things that get in the way like periodic exams in Hygiene. This is where the dental road hits the rubber dam, sister!

When they send in an associate, they only diagnose what THEY can personally treat and not what the PRACTICE can treat like implants. This creates a problem where the total quantity of treatment presented goes down. This further compounds the issue with the associate coming from a place of doubt and uncertainty, resulting in the patient immediately sensing it and leading them to ultimately reject treatment.

When you install a team-driven, patient-centered Complete Health 5-Step Healthy Patient Blueprint, all is good in the gated hood with your Mercedes GLK 350!

To run your numbers and determine your practice capacity, download the Lost Revenue Locator here: discover.nextlevelpractice.com/tpd-optin



Gary Kadi has been a devoted advocate for the dental community 20 years. He has authored six books, the first of which, "Million Dollar Dentistry," has been distributed in 37 countries with more than 90,000 copies in print. After years of studying the challenges facing dentists, Mr. Kadi created NextLevel Practice, a collaborative community serving clients in 44 states, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean to implement the Complete Health® Dentistry business model. His groundbreaking documentary “Say Ahh: The Cavity in Healthcare Reform” is being used in dental, medical, hygiene and nursing schools to elevate the next generation of practitioners. Mr. Kadi is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, advisory to the board of AAOSH and honored to be a part of the Profitable Dentist community. He lives in NYC with Judith, his wife of 15 years, and is a proud papa of 13-year-old Rome. Gary welcomes your thoughts at gary@nextlevelpractice.com.

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