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In the face of 2020’s unprecedented challenges, The Profitable Dentist took swift action, leveraging our extensive network of contributors, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), consultants, and industry luminaries to deliver the very insights their top-tier clients were receiving—right to our community of dedicated dentist-owners. It was a time of uncertainty, yet the solidarity and eagerness to support each other was truly heartening.

As we navigated the journey back to normalcy, it became crystal clear: the strategies and wisdom shared weren’t just emergency measures, but golden keys to elevating any dental practice, pandemic aside. We’re proud to present the “Coming Back Stronger” series, a treasure trove of insights from the brightest minds in dentistry, crafted to inspire and empower you in refining your practice.

We invite you to dive in: subscribe, show your appreciation with likes for the episodes that resonate, and join the conversation with your thoughts and experiences. Let’s grow together, transforming challenges into opportunities to thrive.

Coming Back Stronger

1 Thumbnail youtube Coming Back Stronger Series - Steve Parker explains why you... 02:26 2 Thumbnail youtube E01: Grace Rizza of Identity Dental Marketing talks marketing your... 38:07 3 Thumbnail youtube E02 Dr. David Phelps talks building financial stability for your... 35:51 4 Thumbnail youtube E03 Dr. Uche Odiatu talks managing the 4 critical elements... 01:12:01 5 Thumbnail youtube E04 Dr. Scott Leune talks practice evolution post-COVID. 51:49 6 Thumbnail youtube E05: Comedian Frank King injects humor into handling the very... 44:26 7 Thumbnail youtube E06: Jordon Comstock talks creating a membership plan to smooth... 50:32 8 Thumbnail youtube E07: Andrea Greer talks "Your Practice Aesthetic" 34:04 9 Thumbnail youtube E08: Heidi Mount talks "Fixing Your Systems Now!" 46:44 10 Thumbnail youtube E09: Dr. Anissa Holmes talks "NOW is the Time to... 39:07 11 Thumbnail youtube E10: Steven J. Anderson talks "Focusing On the Things You... 46:46 12 Thumbnail youtube E11: Dr. David Moffet talks "What Patient Experience Will Look... 56:15 13 Thumbnail youtube E12: Dr. Emily Letran talks "Finding a Fresh Perspective" 51:31 14 Thumbnail youtube E13: Dr. Steven G Mautner talks "Balancing Emergency Patients" 41:02 15 Thumbnail youtube E14: Bob Affleck talks "Finance Opportunities to Look for NOW" 41:29 16 Thumbnail youtube E15: Gary Kadi talks "Integrating Complete Health Dentistry" 49:08 17 Thumbnail youtube E16: Kathy Jiamboi talks "Get Creative With Your Marketing" 29:19 18 Thumbnail youtube E17: Christine Taxin talks "How to Take Advantage of New... 43:48 19 Thumbnail youtube E18: Tanya Dunlap talks "How Perio Will Be Integral Treatment... 39:11 20 Thumbnail youtube E19: Leo Townsend talks "How Finding a Simple Number NOW... 46:06 21 Thumbnail youtube E20: Dr. Len Tau talks "Laying the Foundation for Raving... 42:52 22 Thumbnail youtube E21: Lois Banta talks "Cleaning Up Your Systems and Communication... 41:35 23 Thumbnail youtube E22: Paul Edwards talks "Critical HR Issues You Can Be... 41:04 24 Thumbnail youtube E23: Colin Receveur talks "Tools For Producing MORE In 2020... 01:08:46 25 Thumbnail youtube E24: Dr. Nathan Ho talks "Setting Up A System: Get... 48:53 26 Thumbnail youtube E25: Dave Monahan talks "How Setting Up Your Own Dental... 40:51 27 Thumbnail youtube E26: Dr. Gordon Christensen talks "The Single Most Important Thing... 36:11 28 Thumbnail youtube E27: Dr. Bruce Baird talks "You CAN Double Your Hourly... 42:37 29 Thumbnail youtube E28: Rita Zamora talks "Start Sharing Your Comeback Message On... 39:26 30 Thumbnail youtube E29: Andre Shirdan "Get Back To Basics" 44:17 31 Thumbnail youtube E30: Wendy Briggs, Rdh talks "Managing Hygiene Hysteria" 41:52 32 Thumbnail youtube E31: Dr. Tom Larkin talks "What You NEED to Know... 44:00 33 Thumbnail youtube E32: Dr. Tom Orent talks "Unique Gems for Reopening Your... 01:26:50 34 Thumbnail youtube E33: Laura Hatch talks "Getting Your Front Office Ready To... 58:29 35 Thumbnail youtube E34: Dr. Bob Pick talks "How to Make a Big... 48:51 36 Thumbnail youtube E35: Dr. Mike Abernathy talks "Common Sense Ideas You Should... 01:28:14 37 Thumbnail youtube E36: Dr. John Meis talks "Tools for Making those Difficult... 34:32 38 Thumbnail youtube E37: Dr. Steve Katz talks "Building the Practice Culture YOU... 38:41 39 Thumbnail youtube E38: Fred Joyal talks "The Message You Communicate to Your... 45:29 40 Thumbnail youtube E39: Judy Kay Mausolf talks "The Relationships You Strengthen With... 37:54 41 Thumbnail youtube E40: Dr. Steve Rasner talks "Making Tough Decisions" 49:22 42 Thumbnail youtube E41: Dr. Bryan Laskin talks "Teledentistry, Going Paperless, and Optimizing... 34:51 43 Thumbnail youtube E42: Rachel Wall talks "Ideas For Communicating With Your Team... 38:24 44 Thumbnail youtube E43: Alex Nudel talks "How to Use Your OWN Data... 01:14:24 45 Thumbnail youtube E44: Linda Miles talks "Doctors and Teams MUST Be Working... 47:38 46 Thumbnail youtube E45: Chuck Blakeman "3 Critical Things You Need To Do... 38:29 47 Thumbnail youtube E46: Ali Oramchian "HR Rules You MUST Be Aware Of... 51:44 48 Thumbnail youtube E47: Dr. Alan Stern talks "Speak 'TO' Your Team, Not... 47:37 49 Thumbnail youtube E48: Dr. Chris Kammer talks "Dentistry Without a Drill?...It's Possible!" 53:09 50 Thumbnail youtube E49: Sandy Pardue talks "The 3 Most Important Systems to... 35:11

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