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Go “Outside the Op” for a Wellness Break with Dr. Jeff Lowe

by Paula Parker

Meet Jeff...

So, where to begin . . . ? Perhaps at the beginning of Jeff Lowe’s career. Jeff is a dedicated dentist married to his high school sweetheart, Jana. Together, they have three children: Hayden (26, married), Jillian (24, completing her first year of dental school at Jeff’s alma mater), and Harrison (who has completed his first year at Kansas State University). They also have their first grandchild, Kysen, who is 20 months old and already bringing joy to so many people in his life.

Jana supported Jeff through undergrad at Nebraska Wesleyan University (Class of 1994) and dental school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center – College of Dentistry (Class of 1997). They were married the summer after Jeff’s first year of dental school.

The Journey to Becoming a Dentist

Jeff attributes his success in school to a combination of determination, naivety, and good luck. He didn’t shadow anyone before dental school, nobody in his family was a dentist, and he had no idea about the realities of the profession. At the age of 10, his dentist asked him, “So, Jeff, what are you going to be when you grow up?” Jeff replied with dreams of becoming a rock star, racecar driver, or even playing shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. His dentist suggested, “Maybe you should be a dentist?” Initially, Jeff scoffed at the idea, but his dentist’s persistence and his reflection on his mother’s hard work led him to consider it seriously. Eventually, his dentist’s relentlessness worked, and Jeff decided to become a dentist.

Overcoming Early Career Challenges

After graduating from dental school, Jeff and his family moved to Hays, Kansas, where he bought into a practice with a kind, compassionate dentist. The first four years were wonderful, but in the fifth year, their paths diverged. His partner wanted to slow down, while Jeff wanted to embrace modern technologies and ideas. The separation was like a divorce, mentally and emotionally draining. If it weren’t for his wife, his faith, and his desire to be the best dentist he could be, they might have left Hays. But they persevered, beat the non-compete, and started over. They borrowed heavily, mortgaged everything, and built a new practice. Surrounding himself with the right team, mentors, and a dental consultant was crucial to his success.

Finding Balance with Guidance and Support

A pivotal moment in Jeff’s career was reading an article by Gary Kadi, a dental practice management consultant. Kadi’s book “Million Dollar Dentistry” changed everything for Jeff. It taught him the importance of balancing work life and home life, working smarter, not harder, and avoiding over-commitment. This new mindset was a game-changer. Meeting Gary Kadi in person and working with him for the past 17 years has provided invaluable guidance. Kadi’s advice helped the Lowes through various challenges, from business decisions to personal struggles, ensuring they maintained a balanced and fulfilling life.

The Importance of Family and Continuous Learning

Jeff’s marriage has been a cornerstone of his well-being. He and Jana will celebrate 30 years of marriage this August. They’ve faced many challenges together, but their commitment to each other has been unwavering. Dentistry has also been incredibly rewarding for Jeff. As a self-proclaimed continuing education junkie, he has explored every facet of dentistry, which has provided ample opportunities and a fulfilling life. Balancing professional success with personal well-being has allowed Jeff to enjoy hobbies like golfing, RV camping, and traveling.

Recipe for Well-Being 

For those seeking a recipe for “better well-being beyond the op,” here is Jeff’s tried-and-true formula:

  • 1 pint optimism
  • 1 quart self-love
  • 30 ounces of life-long commitment to your partner/spouse
  • 1 Tbsp luck
  • 2 grams of good decisions
  • 1 cup faith in a higher power
  • 3 tsp counseling, mentorship, and consulting
  • 1 gallon of devotion to family
  • 2 inches of thick skin
  • 5 feet of bounce-back
  • 4 yards of giving
  • 1 pinch of self-improvement through C.E.
  • 6 bunches of celebration
  • 1 dash of humor

Mix all ingredients within your heart and soul. Let it soak in. Serves: Everyone. ENJOY!


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