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"We Increased Our Practice By $956K In Only 12 Months With Woody's Coaching Program!"
  • Do you wish your practice were more profitable?
  • Are you carrying most of the load in your practice and making too many decisions?
  • Has your production reached a plateau?
Watch one of Dr. Oakes' recent Coaching Lectures:

With just one of Woody's systems, Dr. Boatman learned how to produce $31,000 in a single day! By conservative estimates, he produced an additional $800,000 that year because he is one of the smart ones who sought out a qualified coach and mentor!

Listen to what two of Woody's coaching clients think about their experiences with
The Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program

  • Are you concerned about your retirement?
  • Are your fees too low?
  • Is your overhead climbing up year after year?
If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, don't miss the opportunity to take your practice to the next level by joining The Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program with Dr. Woody Oakes.

To get your practice to the NEXT LEVEL, be sure and chose the right mentor in Dr. Woody Oakes.

Woody has been in the dental field for 25+ years. Who better to give you advice than someone who's been right where you are today? Many other consultants don't have the many years of dental experience and contacts as Woody can offer you.

Register Now! Click here or call 1-800-337-8467. We know that you're busy, but to get the best results with this program, you will need to participate in two, one-hour coaching calls each month. We'll send you audio CDs of the calls, and also give you a number to call for playbacks if you miss a call. However, the folks who actually participate in the calls get the best results.

To make sure that you get the most out of this program, I'll personally spend an hour of telephone time with you assessing your needs before the program starts. We've developed a "POP" (Pulse of the Practice) form, that really helps us zero in on what we need to do to help you get the fastest results!

Another benefit of the program is that you'll have access to me 24/7 via my personal email. Some consultants charge $250/month extra for this, but it's NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE with this program. What this means is that if a problem occurs in your practice Monday morning, I can usually have a response to you that evening and advise you on the best way to handle it.

Here's More Of What You'll Get With Woody's Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program:
  • Seminar Discount - Doctor will be admitted FREE to ALL EID seminars, VIP seating, and a special VIP dinner with Woody and some Destin speakers.
  • Free Tele-Seminars - ($137 value each) You will participate in the most informative Tele-Seminars in all of Dentistry at no additional charge! Last years' programs included: Overhead Control, Red Hot Hygiene, No Limits Production, Profit Centers For Your Practice, How To Recession Proof Your Practice, Secrets of the Dental Insurance Industry, Ax Your Tax Tele-Seminar, Dental Web Site Design and A Recall/Recare System That Works.
  • Coaching Calls - You will participate in two topic-based calls per month, conducted by Woody and The Masters of the dental industry. These are always the best of the best in their field or discipline. And you will have the opportunity to question them on every call.
  • Website and Internet Marketing Evaluation -You'll receive a Website and Internet Marketing Evaluation by my personal web guru, Mary Rahall at DentalWebsites.com. She is the REAL DEAL and her expert advice will help you improve your website and Internet marketing strategies to ensure the BEST results.
  • Design Package - You will have direct access to our graphic designer. Our designer can review your yellow page ad, outside sign, business cards, letterhead, etc. If each of these systems are critiqued outside of this program they could total in thousands of dollars.
  • Yellow Postcards - We'll supply you with 1,000 of our famous YELLOW SMILE CARDS to reactivate your dormant patients. And then, you can get the rest with a personalized letter, the TBPRLEW (The Best Patient Reactivation Letter Ever Written).
  • In House Product Discount - You'll receive 20% off on all EID products (those you do not receive FREE as part of the program). But you won't be buying many products! You'll receive about $500 of FREEBIES each and every month!
  • Partners - You'll get special deals with our practice enhancing partners, like Jay Geier of "The Scheduling Institute." and Stoneybrook Publishing ($3,200 value).
  • Fee Equilibration - Our team will personally review your fee schedule to make sure you are charging the correct fees in your area.
  • Mastermind Meeting - To be held in Louisville, KY. (1 1/2 day meeting. Friday and Saturday) Meet the group and brainstorm on all aspects of your practice.
  • Free Buyers' Club Membership - We partner with DDS Dental Supplies and have negotiated 15% off their already low Magalog supply pricing. We'll enroll you in the program for FREE and save you $4,500 - $9,000+/year on dental supplies.
  • The Driving Dentist Series and Inner Circle Monthly Newsletter- You'll also get FREE membership in our monthly audio CD program, the Driving Dentists Series. If there's ANYTHING trending or happening in the industry YOU need to know about, it'll be in the Inner Circle monthly newsletter. frankly, if it's not in there, you don't need to know about it. ($2,364 value)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls - Woody will provide monthly 1-on-1 phone calls to you and your team during each of the 12 months of the program for up to 30 minutes per call. You will call us at the mutually agreed time each month. ($5,000 value)

Listen to video testimonials from Dr. Rice and Dr. McLemore:
"Dear Woody,

We want to thank you again for the AWESOME time together this past weekend! we came away with so many great ideas that we have already acted on:

Already signed up with Dan at QDP, about to sign up with Pat Worcester/Mission Possible Hygiene, now using our flip for patient testimonials, booked our first Six Month Smile patient, already switched our 1-800 contract to "pay per patient." And when I told them we were disappointed with our recent months referrals being low, they gave us one month free ($1,750)! We have a computer tech coming to install computers in back treatment rooms, went to Costco and purchased a flat screen TV and already have it displayed with a big bow on it to give away to our patients for their referrals. Put a bonus system in place Monday morning, started doing proper "hand-offs." And even bought bottles of water in bulk and started handing them to our patients as we greet them when they arrive and this was all just from Monday morning and so much more is in the works thanks to all of you!!!

And perhaps most of all, you've renewed our sense of excitement, energy, and drive in getting up and going to the office each day!!! May God bless each of you...."

Kind Regards,
Cris Stricker / Dr. Stricker
"The Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program has been a great help to me this past year. The information has been flying fast and furious. More importantly, there has been a great deal of follow-up and support. I feel that this program has finally helped to put me on target to move my practice, and more importantly, my life up to another level. My personal production is up 12% (after only four months) while working fewer days per week. My practice production experienced a 13% increase. Thanks for all your help and concern thus far. We are looking forward to a fabulous year."
Jerry Baluta, DMD, Winnipeg, MB. Canada
Dr Kelly SmuddeI was just excited and wanted to let Woody know that we started his scheduling system today and we set a new record. We did over $31,000 in a seven-hour day. We are on target to produce $3 million during our first year of coaching. All of the programs and systems have been incredibly helpful. Please say 'thanks' to Woody."

Rich Boatman, DMD Troy, Illinois
"Hey Woody! Just wanted to let you know that we had a $14,500 day yesterday! Our highest day ever! I wanted to share this with you, and say 'Thank You' for revitalizing my passion for dentistry! We are on target for another great month! Talk to you soon!"
Jason Lewis, DDS Jacksonville, Florida
Dr Kelly Smudde"We now produce more before 10 a.m. than we used to produce all day. Thanks for everything Woody!"

Kelly Smudde, DMD Valencia, California
"I just wanted to say thanks for a great year with you. We really improved our bottom line and I only got to implement 1/2 of what you gave me."
- Dr. Mike Thrasher
"Since you have opened up The Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program, I am finally able to get the information I have been waiting for. This really beats the coaching I received from another consulting firm. That program cost me $25K and added not one cent to my bottom line! I sincerely thank you for your Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program ." - Dr. Dayton Hart
"After following Woody's recommendations for our office sign age we have noticed 2-3 new patients per week calling the office to schedule.  I have been in practice for 16 years and I can't remember anyone calling to schedule an appointment because they noticed our previous sign. Who would have thought?"
Ginger Vondell, DDS Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Dr Kelly Smudde"We gave Dr. Oakes' new Profitable Dentist Buying Club a try for the first time in May. Wow! Our supply bill on $250,000 production is usually $12-$13K or 5-6% of production. I am happy to say Woody's Buyers Club reduced our supply bill to $6K or 2%. I saved $6,000 and that doesn't count the 3% rebate I'll get at the end of the year."

Jon Germany, DMD, Brandon, MS

What's My Investment?

We all know about dental consulting programs that charge $25K-$100K+/year. Many of these programs, however, are offered by non-dentists, or cover only one facet of the business of dentistry.

For example, a coaching program designed specifically to attract more new patients is great. But if you can't sell the dentistry, perform the dentistry, or supervise your team properly, this leads to a very stressful situation. "More new patients" is a "quick fix," but really doesn't solve the underlying problem of, "Why aren't you getting 50 referred patients per month?" In other words, an external program can't fix internal problems. Marketing can cause a lot of problems in your practice if systems aren't in place first. Many consultants don't understand this!
Last year, we accepted 20 doctors into the coaching program. All 20 spots sold out in less than two weeks. We "considered" opening up the program to more than 20 practices this year, but decided we'd rather be "better" than "bigger." As in previous years, we also reserve the right NOT to accept clients who we feel we can't help (or those unwilling to follow through on the strategies we present).

The tuition for Woody's Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program is only $2,917/month. We offer a "bookkeeping discount" of $2,917(1 FREE MONTH) for those doctors who choose to pay for the program in advance. Remember that by implementing just one of Woody's ideas,Dr. Boatman earned enough on January 2 to pay for the full year of coaching.
As doctors who participated in the program last year will attest, this is the most complete, most practical, "nuts and bolts" tele-coaching program in dentistry! We will evaluate your practice from top to bottom and then show you exactly what you need to do to improve every aspect of your dental business.

So, while this program is designed to "fix" your marketing or your hygiene department... it's also designed to teach you how to improve every component of the practice that surrounds the hygiene department.

Obviously, your personal success depends on the effort you put into the program. A lot of folks purchase motivational books and never read past the first chapter... in fact, only 10% read past the first chapter. Sad, but true. So, if you're not ready to work on your practice, this may not be for you.

But if you are ready to take your practice to a higher level, increase your monthly production $30+K/month, lower your stress, and increase your net income exponentially... don't get left out on this year's program!

It would be an honor for me to work with your practice this year in The Masters of Dentistry Coaching Program. To sign up, just Click hereor call 1-800-337-8467 today before this year's program sells out!


William W. Oakes, DDS

PS - We ask that you simply click here to register or call us at 1-800-337-8467 for this program as clients will be accepted on a "first come, first serve" basis. We will reply to you personally, or if you give your phone number, we will be happy to call you directly to answer questions. PPS - Why wouldn't you invest $1,999.67/month to easily increase your production $30,000-$50,000 +/month, like so many of our clients did this year?

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