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Dental magazines keep you on top of practice management
There's no single perfect way to stay on top of the ever-evolving field of dentistry. You attend CE seminars, join focus groups, and talk with dental supply vendors. You try to keep an ear to the ground. But you are busy caring for patients and running a shop, as new developments in clinical techniques, emerging technologies and products, and fresh perspectives on how to run the business side of a dental office develop every day. "The Profitable Dentist" dental practice magazine is a great way to stay current.

"The Profitable Dentist" is published quarterly by The Profitable Dentist - Excellence in Dentistry. Each issue includes informative articles from the top dental professionals in the world. We receive many submissions, but are very selective in our content. You don't have time to waste reading articles that are self-serving or advertorial. With more focus than other dental magazines, we bring you meaty themes, pure content, and research you can use in your practice, from writers who share our core values and ethics.

We make it easy:
  • Check out the current issue on-line for commentary on the newest and best clinical techniques, market strategies, practice management, and taking stress out of dentistry.
  • Take a look at the archives - you'll recognize the featured authors as some of the most influential names in dentistry. Since 1987 "The Profitable Dentist" has been providing fresh topics on how to run a more efficient practice and be a better clinician.
  • Still like the smell of new print? The feel of a glossy cover in your hands? Sign up for a free subscription. Become one of the more than 120,000 dental offices benefiting from "The Profitable Dentist."
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The simple act of opening a great dentist magazine can renew your passion for innovative, caring, cost-effective dentistry. Learn how to create a happy, more profitable practice. Learn to love this amazing field of dentistry again!

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