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TPD Buyer's Club

"Does Size Matter?"

Dear Doctor -

As you know, we are always looking for ways to save our members $... AND provide them with better service! To that end, we have decided to create a new buyers club with MORE benefits for you:

  • When you call you will speak to a person NOT an answering machine!
  • They are an elite member of NDC Dental (Nation's Largest Cooperative of Dental Distributors)
  • They are a family-owned company focused on providing better and more personalized customer service Their "margins" are lower, thus they can pass along more savings to you
  • The "large" companies have 35-45% margins, while theirs is only 28-30% since they are directdealers (no middle man). This also means you can buy products like Parkell and others that formerly you had to buy direct from the company (saves time).
  • You pay ZERO sales tax unless you live in New York state.
  • You will receive your order in 2-3 business days (same day shipping available on most items)

I'll give you an example of "typical savings", the best Cardiac Defibrillator Machine at "BIG Box Stores" sells for $1,849... it's only $1,349 through DDS Dental Supplies.

Another example is Gloves - you are probably buying your Gloves from one of the BIG Box Retailers for $8.99/ box where DDS Dental Supplies will lock you in pricing starting at $4.99/box.

Bottom Line, you will save 8-10%+ (on average) from an A+ Better Business Bureau rated company, on dental supplies... versus our previous supplier.

To check it out, call 1-845-517-5870, ext. #125 or visit www.DDSdentalsupplies.com.

DDS Dental Supplies

  William W. Oakes, DDS

- or -

"We now produce more before 10 a.m. than we used to produce all day. Thanks for everything!"
Kelly Smudde, DMD, Valencia, California

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